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Menstrual Cycle
Regulating the Menstrual Cycle.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a unique model of health and fertility. Regulating the menstrual cycle is a way to boost fertility and lead to conception. We ask a range of questions regarding the patient's menstrual cycle in order to be able to identify the presence of subtle imbalances acting as barriers.

Some questions that we ask at Aquilia Fertility to help us measure menstrual cycle irregularities include:

  • Cycle regularity: is the cycle early or delayed?
  • The colour of menstrual fluid: is it bright red or dark red?
  • The amount of menstrual fluid lost: are periods heavy or light?
  • The consistency of the menstrual flow: are clots present and are they big or small?

At Aquilia Fertility we have observed that regulating the menstrual cycle with acupuncture helps to promote natural pregnancies. For women undergoing IVF prior menstrual cycle regulation can support a patient's response to ovarian stimulation.

Based upon your menstrual cycle history we are able to measure fertility, advise you and customise the best possible acupuncture treatment for you.