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Male Subfertility

The number 1 reason for IVF in the UK is male factor subfertility. The number 2 reason is unexplained subfertility. Data demonstrates that almost 86% of cycles fail to result in a live birth. Anxiety, depression and stress are linked to reduced live birth rates. Anxiety, depression and stress negatively affect a man’s fertility and reproductive health.

We aim to reduce levels of anxiety and stress so that these factors are less likely to have a negative effect on fertility. Reducing anxiety and stress is likely to increase fertility potential and the overall probability of having a baby with the support of IVF using ICSI, while at the same time improving the wellbeing of couples trying for a baby.

Males are less likely to seek overall healthcare services. However, when it comes to fertility men break the rule of thumb. A large majority of men undergo tests and investigations and participate in treatments that are supportive to their family.

We use a few acupuncture points on the foot and leg to help male factor subfertility. To find out more about acupuncture for male factor subfertility, or multifactorial (man and woman) subfertilty contact us.