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Aquilia Fertility in Stamford, Lincolnshire, offers expert advice, acupuncture treatment and management of infertility with acupuncture.

Lianne Aquilina our fertility acupuncturist:

  • Is a Guest Lecturer in Acupuncture for Fertility, IVF and Assisted Reproduction
  • Runs educational workshops, to provide clients with the knowledge required to help optimise the chances of conceiving naturally or with IVF
  • Has certification on advising couples how to optimise natural fertility
  • Is an experienced Acupuncture Clinical Supervisor and Educator

Lianne Aquilina DipAyuT APA BSc(Hons) MBAcC ATCM
Professional Memberships:

  • British Fertility Society (BFS)
  • Associate Forum Member of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Affiliated Member of Zita West
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
  • Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (ATCM)
  • British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC)
  • Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA)

Alongside the IVF Protocol

Acupuncture services are provided during all stages of the IVF process:

• down regulation
• ovarian stimulation
• embryo/blastocyst transfer
• the 2–week wait and early pregnancy support

Acupuncture treatment is individualised, and specially formulated in response to any identified issues. We use traditional Chinese pulse examination as one of our guides to acupuncture treatment during this time.

Continuous Care

We use our expertise, and direct experience of working with our patients, who have attended various leading IVF centres, to offer you different insights into the management of subfertility.

As well as preconceptual support and acupuncture treatment we provide continuous care during early pregnancy. On a positive clinical pregnancy test, we incorporate acupuncture up to 8–12 weeks of pregnancy. We conduct pre-birth acupuncture at 36 weeks of pregnancy to help prepare you for labour.

Our Ladies Interviewed...

June and her partner from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, started trying for a family 6 years ago. Their first IVF cycle was unsuccessful and this was followed by a further 3 failed frozen cycles. June discovered Lianne’s acupuncture expertise in Stamford. Together with acupuncture and Lianne’s guidance their fourth IVF cycle was successful. They have a daughter. Three good-quality blastocysts were frozen as a result of acupuncture alongside IVF. A year later two of these blastocysts were transferred during a frozen cycle. June now also has twins. After suffering for years with infertility and the prospect of childlessness they are delighted.

Davina and her husband found trying for a baby very stressful when things didn’t go quite as expected. They were booked in for medical fertility treatment at Peterborough hospital. Prior to waiting for treatment they discovered the local expertise of Lianne Aquilina. Lianne supported them with acupuncture, lifestyle and nutritional advice. As a result the couple became pregnant naturally. They returned two years later for help and support for a sibling. They had been struggling to conceive for some time. Lianne supported them with acupuncture. They now have two children.