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Our approach towards your treatment is holistic. The diagnostic methods we use to assess fertility and reproductive physiology are unique to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) model of health. Diagnosis is obtained by examination of the wrist pulse and tongue. This procedure allows us to identify how to enhance your reproductive physiology. To read more about Aquilia Fertility click here

Your First Fertility Consultation

During your first visit to Aquilia Fertility & IVF we need to gain a thorough understanding of your medical diagnosis and review the tests and investigations to date, along with the results. This helps us to manage your acupuncture and orthodox medical treatment effectively and ensures your journey to conception is as straightforward as possible.

Your General Health

We also assess your general health. We get to know you, your thoughts, feelings and experiences. We explore your diet and lifestyle circumstances, as well as, for example your sleeping pattern and emotional wellbeing.

Treatment Plan

Based on all the information gathered from the consultation process we incorporate a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and then put together your treatment plan. There is currently limited and seemingly conflicting evidence regarding acupuncture at IVF embryo transfer and live birth rate. Therefore, we do not recommend acupuncture at IVF transfer only. More research is required that explores acupuncture treatment before and during stimulation to review any impact or not on the follicular process. We aim to help the patient feel a reduction in infertility and infertility treatment stress and anxiety.


Each patient is unique requiring an individualised prescription of acupuncture points based on their acupuncture diagnosis and the stage of their IVF treatment. The overall aim of acupuncture treatment is to restore wellbeing. To achieve this we use very fine, small, single-use sterile needles to stimulate the selected acupuncture points on the surface of your body. Acupuncture treatments with Aquilia are relaxing.

Aquilia Acupuncture Point, Function & Use